St Neots Dog Training and Behaviour



       Laura Travis BSc (Hons) PG Dip CABC

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Training and Behaviour


One to one training sessions are tailored to your requirements. These may be one- off sessions to address minor problems or a number of sessions to support you through more progressive training. Training sessions are suitable for teaching basic obedience- exercises such as sit, down, stay, leave, recall,  heel, distraction work and emergency stops. I also offer trick training and clicker training. Prices start from £50 per session.


Behaviour counselling may be required for behaviour problems. I am a full member of the APBC and am an Animal Behaviour and Training Council Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist. For more information on the APBC and the ABTC please visit and

  A behaviour counselling session is much more in-depth than a simple training session. I will take a thorough history of your dog and the behaviour problem. I will then discuss with you the possible reasons for the problem and devise a behaviour modification programme which we will also discuss at length. You will then receive written report, full telephone and/ or email support for 6 months. A veterinary referral is required for a behaviour consultation to rule out medical causes of behaviour problems. If you think your dog may need behaviour counselling, please contact me to discuss. Prices start from £120 per consultation.


I also offer advice and practical sessions for new puppy owners. By educating and socialising a puppy correctly from the beginning, owners reduce the chance of behaviour problems developing  and pups are more likely to grow into sociable and obedient adult dogs that are a pleasure to have around. It is never too early to start educating your puppy! Prices start from £50 per session.